The Academy of African Business and Development (AABD) invites researchers, business practitioners, consultants, community leaders, and policy makers to submit full papers, abstracts, and special session proposals for the 21st AABD annual conference which will be hosted online by MacEwan University, Canada from May 18 to 20, 2021. All conference activities will take place between 2 p.m. and 7 p.m., GMT.

AABD annual conferences aim at facilitating multidisciplinary research by stimulating collaborations between Africa based researchers and professionals and their counterparts around the world, broadening and deepening global understanding of various issues relevant to Africa’s business and development, as well as advancing solutions to some of her challenges. The conference theme, “Entrepreneurship, Social Enterprises, and Economic Sustainability in the African Context,” originates from the belief that the private sector can play a critical role both in stimulating economic growth in a socially responsible manner and in eradicating poverty in Africa. The discrepancy between the observed reality and this belief suggests there is a need to maintain an ongoing dialogue on these topics among major stakeholders, including researchers, business practitioners, community leaders, and policy makers if the goal of transforming Africa for better is to be realized.

You are invited to submit any original theoretical, conceptual, empirical, and managerial contributions that address the conference theme or fit into one of the conference tracks below. You are also encouraged to volunteer as a session chair and/or a reviewer by contacting any track chair. Authors who are uncertain of the appropriate track for their submissions should contact the Program Co-Chairs.

Full papers, abstracts, and special session proposals should be submitted directly to the 2021 conference submission portal. Full papers will be peer-reviewed to be published in the conference proceedings. Abstracts will be considered for presentation only.

March 12, 2021 Full paper submissions
April 2, 2021 Abstract and special session submissions
April 20, 2021 Payment of registration fee for papers to be included in program
May 18 - 20, 2021 Main Conference

Special Sessions*

Those interested in organizing a special session should prepare a description of its overall purpose and include the abstracts of the different contributions. A special session should have at least 3 contributors. In addition, proposals must state the purpose, format and names of contributors. All special session proposals should be submitted to the Special Session Track.

Graduate Student papers*

Graduate students are encouraged to submit their papers to Track 10: Graduate Student Paper. This track will provide graduate students the opportunity to share their work with current and future colleagues. Attending the conference will provide participating students with the opportunity to network with many of today’s leading scholars.

Publication opportunity

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