Registration and Fees

Whether you have a paper to present or not you can attend this conference. Registration fees below include a $60 annual AABD membership fee for participants outside Africa and a $30 annual AABD membership fee for participants based in Africa. Also included are a single paper in the proceedings when applicable, coffee breaks, lunches, and awards banquet.

Registration fees (U.S. dollars)
Based in Africa Outside Africa
Student Regular Student Regular
March 15, 2022 $220 $330 $275 $385
After March 15, 2022 $275 $407 $330 $462
Optional for all delegates
A Day Excursion will be organized closer to the conference date.
Optional Accompanying Person
Activity Charge
Each breakfast $10
Each lunch $20
Each evening reception $50
Awards banquet $60

The registration fees and all other fees MUST be paid either by Paypal, US check, Wire transfer or Cash, if payment is made in Accra, Ghana. Early registration means that one must have completed the registration form and made payment before March 15, 2022.
To pay the registration fees and find information on how to pay via Paypal, U.S. check and Wire transfer.
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For inquiry on membership fees and conference registration fees, please contact VP for Finance and Treasurer: Richard Hayes at: