• Host : University of East London, London, UK
  • Date :Date : May 16 - 20, 2023

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Accounting, Finance, and Investment

Track 1

International Aid, Economic Policies and Strategies

Track 2

Entrepreneurship, Small Business and the Informal Sector

Track 3

Exporting, Internationalization and Foreign Direct Investment

Track 4

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Digital Transformation

Track 5

Human Resources Management and Organizations

Track 6

Sustainability, Business Ethics and, Social Responsibility

Track 7

Marketing and Consumer Behavior

Track 8

Operations and Logistics/Supply Chain/Project Management

Track 9

Graduate Student Papers*

Track 10

Women in Leadership and Business

Track 11

Special Sessions*

Track 12

Tourism, Hospitality and Sport

Track 13

COVID-19 and Business in Africa

Track 14

Submissions in French

Track 15
All the Submissions in French, no matter the track, must be sent to the track 15
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