AIB AFRICA Workshop – Announcements

The most comprehensive book on B2B Marketing Management

Released: The most comprehensive book on B2B Marketing Management, with a focus on Africa. Business-to-Business Marketing –An African Perspective: How to Understand and Succeed in Business Marketing in an Emerging Africa.
By: Dr Richard Afriyie Owusu, Dr Robert Ebo Hinson, Dr Ogechi Adeola, and Dr Nnamdi Oguji

International Engaged Scholarship Conference 2022 | eventoptions

PURPOSE. The conference seeks to enlist the voices of academics, policymakers, local, regional and global enterprises to contribute their intellectual prowess towards creating collaborative opportunities between the public and private sector; between urban and rural businesses; and between local, national, and regional enterprises, to create sustainable economies.

How to’ Paper Development Workshop for Young African Scholars

Please find below a brilliant opportunity to attend a paper development workshop for scholars in Africa. The workshop is to be facilitated by top global management scholars and provides access to African scholar mentors for a more guided engagement.