Membership Services

The question is usually asked “what are some of the benefits of membership in IAABD?” While the examples below are by no means exhaustive, they show the variety and depth of membership benefits.

  • Collaboration in intellectual contributions and intellectual output, including joint research, consultancy, and publications across functions. This happens among people from different Universities, countries, and areas of expertise who meet at IAABD conferences for the first time. Such possibilities are exemplified in the success story below, involving IAABD members who met at one of the annual conferences for the first time.
  • Free copies of the Journal of African Business (JAB), the official journal of the academy. This is an important publication outlet and source of information for members of the Academy, not least because in addition to other intellectual outlets/books/journals in many areas, it enhances the promotion, tenure, and other career-advancement opportunities for its members. The key to receiving free copies of the JAB lies in doing two things: paying your annual membership fees either separately (see Membership Form on the IAABD website) or together with your registration fee for the up-coming conference.
  • Highlighting Individual and Institutional Success Stories. Through the IAABD website, newsletters and other means, the Academy will highlight the success stories of its members. Such spotlights will include significant publications, books, promotions, consultancy, and other areas of interest to members.
  • Awards: there are also, of course, major awards to be won for intellectual creativity, broadly defined, including awards for Best IAABD Papers at conferences.

If you wish to know more about the benefits of membership, direct your inquiries to the Vice President in charge of Membership at the address below.

Hellen Nyolo Otieno
IAABD VP for Membership