Sustainable entrepreneurship in Sub-Saharan Africa

Sustainable entrepreneurship in Sub-Saharan Africa

Juma, N. A., James, C. D., & Kwesiga, E. (2017). Sustainable entrepreneurship in Sub-Saharan Africa: the collaborative multi-system model. Journal of Small Business & Entrepreneurship, 29 (3), 211-235.


In this article, we explore the dimensions involved in creating a sustainability-focused entrepreneurial venture within a community. In these ventures the entrepreneur may be the central hub of venture activities, but the interdependence between the entrepreneur and partners in the community is critical.

Our observations suggest that the path toward sustainability starts with external collaboration with entities in the entrepreneur’s surrounding system. Our aim is to extend entrepreneurship research through an examination of sustainability, which calls for a recalibration in the role of profit and social/economic good. This research offers a comparative analysis of two case studies, and proposes a fluid and integrative multi-systems model of collaboration with various entities, including governments, the private sector, non-government organizations (NGOs), and the larger community.

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