‘How to’ Paper Development Workshop for Young African Scholars

‘How to’ Paper Development Workshop for Young African Scholars

Released: The most comprehensive book on B2B Marketing Management, with a focus
on Africa.
Business-to-Business Marketing –An African Perspective: How to Understand
and Succeed in Business Marketing in an Emerging Africa

By: Dr Richard Afriyie Owusu, Dr Robert Ebo Hinson, Dr Ogechi Adeola, and Dr Nnamdi

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The book provides a comprehensive, state-of-the-art understanding of B2B marketing and
management, with a focus on the growing African market to help students, managers,
consultants and others to develop strategic approaches to B2B in Africa. It provides conceptual
analyses as well as cases and applications to the African business market. As a result, it is useful
for academic and professional programmes as well as providing insights for managers to
enhance their strategy development and competitiveness of their organisations.

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