Vision & Mission


Our vision is to build on our reputation as one of the pre-eminent global professional organizations dedicated to discussing, analyzing, and advancing solutions to the challenges facing development of African business—through business and management research, functional education and training, and information dissemination.

OUR Mission

Our mission is to (a) foster functional education (b) broaden and deepen global understanding of the various challenges facing development of African business, and (c) advance alternative solutions to Africa’s business and economic challenges. We shall achieve this by:

  • Facilitating the international exchange of information and ideas among educators, business organizations, government and quasi-government agencies, academic institutions, and international organizations for—and with particular reference to—Africa.
  • Encouraging, assisting and enhancing research activities that advance knowledge of African business operations and development and increase the available body of teaching materials.
  • Cooperating, whenever possible, with legitimate government, business and development, international organizations, as well as academic institutions for the furtherance of AABD’s objectives.
  • Providing publishing opportunities, and publication outlets, for members of the Academy, and enhancing their other scholarly activities and intellectual contributions.
  • Organizing conferences and seminars in different locations of the world to enable members and other stakeholders to present their research work, thereby creating an interactive environment for members and other participants to share, network, and exchange relevant information with each other.
  • Promoting beneficial relationships with book and journal publishers and editors throughout the world for the furtherance of members’ ideals as specified in this mission statement.
  • Promoting and enhancing, where appropriate and whenever possible, the professional career and placement needs of AABD members.
  • Seeking means and opportunities for academic scholarships and endowments for scholars in and from the African continent.