Getting the Most out of Africa’s Tourism Economy

Getting the Most out of Africa’s Tourism Economy

12 Apr 2021

Presenter: Pat Obi, Professor of Finance, Purdue University Northwest, USA
Date: April 12, 2021, 1:00 pm -2:00 pm, GMT.

This webinar will address two important aspects of international tourism in Africa, with a focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. The first will identify major tourism destinations and how they can be leveraged for educational and recreational purposes. The second will discuss business opportunities in some key sectors of the industry and will point to ways in which individuals and groups can take advantage of emerging investment opportunities in these areas. Helpful information will be provided on travel and entry requirements, country-specific tourism barriers, environmental and regulatory issues, and tourism-based education programs.

Pat Obi is the White Lodging Endowed Professor of Finance at Purdue University Northwest. He is the Executive MBA Director in the College of Business and a Certified Hotel Industry Analyst. In addition to his teaching and administrative responsibilities, he is also the financial consultant for the City of Hammond, Indiana (USA). Obi received his Ph.D. in Finance and Econometrics from the University of Mississippi. With professional engagements in several countries across four continents, he is the author of numerous scholarly articles and two finance books. His consulting expertise includes financial analysis, valuation, econometric modeling, and education abroad. Obi’s current research examines the economic impact of international tourism using financial market variables and time series econometric models.