Message from the President

As you may already be aware, our organization has adopted a new constitution, one of the highlights of which is the name change from International Academy of African Business and Development (IAABD) to Academy of African Business and Development (AABD). Consequently, we have adopted a new logo that we hope will appeal to our various stakeholders and help us better position our organization in the global scientific community.
Beyond these eye-catching changes, the most dramatic transformation that the AABD is undergoing, however, remains departing from the perception of being an intellectual ivory tower to becoming an inclusive organization where scholars, business practitioners, consultants, policy makers, and graduate students come together to generate and share business knowledge. The Executive Committee that I have the privilege to lead is firmly resolute to using this website as one of the key instruments of this transformation. We profoundly hope this website will become a critical intellectual platform where those who have something to contribute to business knowledge and development in Africa will be proud to feature their findings and those who want to acquire cutting edge business knowledge and practices in Africa will visit on a regular basis.
We, therefore, invite you to send us a one-page executive summary that showcases any recent relevant scholarly work of yours (e.g., Ph.D. thesis, article in a respectable scientific journal), with emphasis on managerial and/or policy implications. We also welcome expert opinions on contemporary topics of interest to business development in Africa.
Another area where you will see radical changes is at our annual conferences. Business practitioners, consultants, and policy makers are now encouraged to submit papers for presentation. Also, we are committed to creating networking opportunities between scholars and business professionals. Thus, whether you have a paper to present or not, I invite you to attend our 21st annual conference at MacEwan University, Edmonton, Canada, from May 19 to 23, 2020 to experience this transformation.
Finally, I trust you will enjoy the content of this website. We welcome your feedback.
Yours truly,
Simon P. Sigué, President